4 Advantages Of Fathers Using An Outpatient Detox Center Instead Of Inpatient Options

For some fathers, providing for a family can become a struggle when addiction to pain killers or alcohol is involved. Getting treatment is the first step in recovery and there are a lot of options to complete this process. One of the first decisions to make is choosing from an inpatient or outpatient detox center. At an inpatient center, a person stays there for an extended period of time. At an outpatient center, appointments are scheduled and plan is put into action to help you recover and stay sober. For fathers, there are many benefits to choosing an outpatient center over an inpatient one. Browse through these benefits to see how this type of detox center is ideal for you and your family.

Family Time

By attending an outpatient center, you can still spend daily time with your family. This can be an important step in the recovery process. Spending time with your children is a great way to heal through issues and be there for important moments. By still being with your family, you can attend important events that you will not regret missing. This includes family birthday parties, children's events, or special occasions like a graduation.

The extra family time can give you motivation to get better and heal yourself for all the right reasons. When attending outpatient appointments, you have the opportunity to attend group meetings and possibly bring your family along. These groups can help you learn how your struggles have impacted them on a daily basis. By listening and learning, you can make these immediate changes instead of waiting for an inpatient program to end before you can show your family how much you care.


For many fathers, it's important to provide a stable income for a family. By attending an outpatient center, you still have the time and ability to work on a daily basis. Many outpatient centers will work around your schedule to ensure that you can maintain the job. By healing and continuing to provide for your family, you can ensure that no more damage is done due to your substance abuse issues. If you lost your job due to drug problems, an outpatient center program is a great way to go through treatment and seek new employment. Some centers may even offer job boards and employment solutions for your situation.

Daily Routines

An outpatient center can help you set up daily routines that encourage sobriety and success. These routines may include more involved family times like cooking a meal for the family, going to the movies, or hosting a family game night. By setting up a daily routine, you have the ability to stay in control and stay on a positive course of action. Some outpatient centers may even encourage the use of a daily scheduling chart. This can help you follow the routine and stay involved with the family through various activities. Printable charts or scheduling apps can keep you on task and interacting with your family by scheduling events or things to do.

Recreational Activities

When using an outpatient center, it's important to stay focused on treatment and busy with your family. Help fill voids in time by planning a number of family activities. Signing up for recreational activities is a great way to start new traditions and have a routine for you and your loved ones. A number of websites offer free resources where you can search for activities in your local area and sign up for them. Along with sports leagues, you can find adventure activities, weekly hobbies, or outdoor adventures like hiking trails and zip-lining. An outpatient center may even have family activities that blend bonding time with recovery through addiction.

Communicate with your family to express your desire to go to an outpatient center. Keeping open communication is important in healing and recovery.