Health Consequences Of Living With Untreated Anxiety

Do you struggle with depression, sadness, and irritability? If so, you probably have anxiety, which is a common issue among people of all ages. You might not realize how much your anxiety affects you, as you might be used to living with it. Anxiety does affect you, though, and it can have many consequences on your health. You can reduce those consequences by seeking therapy. Here are several health issues you might face if you leave your anxiety untreated.

Compromised Immune System

The first health consequence of living with untreated anxiety is a compromised immune system. Anxiety can cause you to feel sad and depressed. When you feel these things, your brain releases chemicals and hormones which affect your body. One of the effects is the weakening of the immune system. When your immune system weakens, you are more likely to get sick. You might have more headaches and colds, and you might have an increased risk of developing more serious health problems. You can beat these things by seeking therapy for your anxiety.

Irritability and Loss of Enjoyment in Life

The second health consequence you might face is irritability and lack of motivation. When you feel sad and worried all the time, it can leave you feeling hopeless. It can rob you of your enjoyment in life, and it can leave you without any motivation. The downside to this is that these feelings can leave you feeling sick, tired, and lethargic. After a while, they can take a toll on your body and health. If you are tired of feeling like this, you can get help. Anxiety therapists help people work through their feelings, which often helps them feel better about themselves and life.

Increased Risk of Heart Problems

One last health risk you face from living with untreated anxiety is heart problems. When you worry, it can cause your blood pressure to rise. It can also cause your heart to beat faster and harder. When your heart beats faster and your blood pressure rises, it can place your heart at risk for disease and heart attacks. The only way to solve this problem is by seeking help for your anxiety.

These are just a few of the consequences you face if you live with untreated anxiety. If you want to reduce your health risks and live a happier life, seek help from a therapist. Contact an anxiety therapist for more information.