How to Help a Teenager With Substance Abuse

If you have a teenager who has been abusing substances, then you need to get them help right away. Getting them help is the only way to ensure that they get back on the right path. Maybe you have never dealt with substance abuse before and don't know how to stage an intervention. Take a closer look at what you need to know.

Show a United Front

If you are married or you co-parent, then you need to think about getting on the same page. When it comes to getting your child treatment for substance abuse, your child will likely try to gravitate to one parent asking them to change their mind. If you are not both on the same page, then things can get messy. Showing a united front is the only way to ensure that your child gets through this.

Be Prepared to Face Your Past

If you have tried drugs in the past and your child knows about it, they will call you a hypocrite. If you did do any of these things, then it is best to admit that you did it and let your child know that you made a mistake. You can even use this as the leverage you need to convince them to get help.

Have Evidence Ready

The first instinct your child will have is probably to lie about having a problem or even abusing a substance. This instinct is something you should anticipate. This means that you should have gathered evidence that will show exactly what you have found. Unfortunately, this often means that you have to go through your child's things. While this may feel uncomfortable to you, it is often necessary to ensure that you have undeniable proof.

Expect Anger

Anger is going to come once your teenager realizes that you have gone through their things. You need to stay calm; sooner or later, they will cool down. This is when you can explain that you are concerned that they will destroy their life or worse overdose on the substance they are abusing. Explain that they need to get help and that you will be there to offer your support. The bottom line is that you should respond with love to their anger.

Having a teenager who abuses drugs is one of the hardest things for a parent to deal with. However, confronting them and dealing with the problem is something that you need to do to ensure the well being of your child. Talk to a substance abuse clinic for teenagers to get more advice.