Getting Help For A Loved One With A Heroin Addiction

Were you heartbroken to discover that a close loved one has been suffering from an addiction to heroin? If you have tried to help your loved one overcome their addiction but have not had any success during the process, seeking professional assistance is important. It is common for heroin addicts to have a difficult time overcoming the addiction because withdrawals are too difficult to cope with. If you can get your loved one to agree to treatment by professionals, they can be given ibogaine to assist with withdrawals. Other services will be provided to increase the chances of your loved one recovering as well.

Why Is Ibogaine Helpful for Heroin Withdrawals?

Ibogaine is helpful for heroin addicts because it can assist with reducing the cravings that come with undergoing treatment. Ibogaine will help your loved one ease off heroin without having to experience severe withdrawals, such as being willing to do anything to gain access to heroin. Basically, when your loved one takes ibogaine, they will experience the feeling of being high. The extent of the high feeling will depend on the dosage of the drug that is prescribed, as small doses might only act as a mild stimulant. The length of time that the high is experienced can also vary depending on the dosage of ibogaine.

Does Taking Ibogaine Come with Any Side Effects?

Taking ibogaine to assist with overcoming a heroin addiction comes with a few risks that you should know about. However, when the drug is prescribed and monitored by medical professionals, it is usually safe to use for coping with withdrawals. One of the risks of using ibogaine is for someone to experience an irregular heartbeat, known as an arrhythmia. A condition called ataxia can also develop from taking ibogaine, which involves poor muscle control in the arms and legs. If you and your loved one desires to know the full extent of the health risks involved with taking ibogaine, a medical professional can provide more information.

What Are Common Services at a Drug Treatment Center?

Other than being given a prescription for ibogaine for drug withdrawals, there are a few other services that your loved one can take advantage of. For example, they can receive regular counseling to assist with overcoming personal issues in their life. Assistance with detoxification to remove the heroin is another service that is provided. Behavioral therapy can be provided to your loved one as well.

For more information on ibogaine treatment, contact a doctor in your area.