3 Benefits Of Choosing Online Marriage Counseling Vs. Traditional Counseling

If you and your spouse are currently having marital problems, you might be thinking about going to counseling. One option that you might not really be aware of, however, is online marriage counseling. This is becoming a surprisingly common option for couples, however, and you might find that it's a better choice for you and your spouse than more traditional counseling. Here's why. 1. Feel More Comfortable For one thing, you should think about the fact that things can be more private if you choose online marriage counseling. Read More 

Don’T Let The Fear Of Weight Gain Keep You From Drug Addiction Treatment

If you're struggling with an addiction to drugs and your family members have suggested that you get treatment, you may initially look for excuses to why you aren't ready for help. One excuse that some addicts use is that they're concerned about gaining weight as they get clean. Weight gain can occur for many people as they quit drugs, and you may even know former addicts who have struggled with their weight after gaining their sobriety. Read More 

Overcoming Depression: Three Everyday Techniques To Help You Feel Better

Depression wields a powerful force. The feelings of hopelessness often leave those who are depressed struggling to enjoy life. While depression is a serious mental health issue, it often doesn't get the attention it deserves. This leaves many people to feel alone, scared, and anxious. However, it doesn't have to be that way. With these three tips and the help of a counselor or therapist, you can ease those feelings of depression: Read More 

Handling Your Panic Attacks

If you've ever experienced a panic attack, you know how terrifying they can be. You might have even gone to a doctor or the ER thinking that you were having a serious health problem. Once you've been reassured by a medical professional about your good overall health, you might be afraid that panic attacks will return, and if they do, you may feel powerless to fight them. Using the tips below, you might find that you're better able to handle these attacks. Read More 

Overcoming Porn Addiction Online: What To Expect

Being addicted to pornography is an alarmingly growing disease: with free pornography at the fingertips of anyone who owns a computer with Internet access and the world-wide acceptance of the industry as a whole, anyone can become addicted. From pastors to young teenagers, pornography is often linked to a person's lack of sexual clarity or need to feel loved or feel adventurous. If you feel like you watch or participate in pornographic activities at the expense of work, family, and friends, or if you feel that you cannot have a typical relationship due to your preference for porn, you may be addicted. Read More