Don’T Let The Fear Of Weight Gain Keep You From Drug Addiction Treatment

If you're struggling with an addiction to drugs and your family members have suggested that you get treatment, you may initially look for excuses to why you aren't ready for help. One excuse that some addicts use is that they're concerned about gaining weight as they get clean. Weight gain can occur for many people as they quit drugs, and you may even know former addicts who have struggled with their weight after gaining their sobriety. However, you shouldn't use the fear of weight gain as a reason for keeping you away from treatment. Here's why.

You May Currently Be Underweight

While it's true that getting off drugs can often result in weight gain, it's also true that many addicts are underweight. When your life is dominated by drugs, you may spend much of your money and time supporting your addiction. In drastic cases, this doesn't leave much money or time for proper nutrition, which can cause you to look gaunt as your weight falls below where it should be. This means that even if you do gain five, 10 or 20 pounds as you get sober, the weight gain may in fact bring you up to a healthy weight.

Being Overweight Is Healthier Than Being On Drugs

While being overweight isn't necessarily healthy, it's healthier than being addicted to drugs. When you're on drugs, there's a chance of severe health issues and even death. An accidental overdose of any drug can kill you, but the decisions that you make while under the influence of drugs can also be harmful. For example, you could get into a car accident when you're driving while high. Although you won't want to stay overweight for your entire life, it doesn't possess the immediate health risks of drug addiction.

You Can Work To Lose Weight

The comforting thing to realize if you're worried about gaining weight as you get off drugs is that you can lose weight. Getting off drugs can be one of the hardest things that you accomplish in life; compared to getting clean, losing weight is often easier. Don't worry about gaining some pounds in the short term. Once you have a grip on your sobriety, by visiting a place like Evergreen Recovery Centers you can add losing weight to your daily focus. Whether you work with a personal trainer or just get together with fitness enthusiasts who are also sober, you'll soon be shedding pounds and getting to a healthy weight.