Three Ways Pediatric Occupational Therapy Can Help Your New Student

As a parent, having a child who is just starting to adjust to school and everything that entails is sometimes stressful. You may feel a sense of excitement because of the journey ahead but become concerned if they aren't flourishing in the way you expected. When they don't seem to be keeping up or fitting in well, you might wonder if pediatric occupational therapy is appropriate. This therapy could help your new student in the following ways:

Ability to Interact with Other Kids

Your child may interact with you well, but if they haven't spent much time with others in their age range, they could need a bit of help talking to others. A pediatric occupational therapist can roleplay with your student so they gain confidence in their own abilities to communicate and play with everyone else.

Better Organizational Skills

Most parents aren't worried if their kids seem somewhat forgetful and disorganized, especially if they're new to school.  Right now you may only notice that they leave their coat in class or forget to bring home papers for you to sign. However, disorganization can lead to other problems in school down the line, such as not cleaning their messes or forgetting to turn in homework. They may misplace notes or study ineffectively. Eventually, those issues can be a problem for them as adults. Therefore, you may want to consider some therapy that will provide your child with methods of remembering things and organizing themselves. 

Motor Skills Improvement

Sometimes the problem your child is having is based on the lack of specific motor skills that make them feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. For instance, if they cannot perform certain tasks because of their inability to hold a pencil properly or use scissors, they can take longer to accomplish things than others. They may take longer to get into their seats or out to recess because buttoning or zipping their jackets is tough. These things can affect how a child feels about school every day. Occupational therapy can help them strengthen those skills so that they can then begin to get their work done. A few sessions could drastically improve their performance.

Like every parent, you hope that your child succeeds in school and in life. Speak with their teacher and local pediatric occupational therapists to decide whether this type of assistance would benefit your child now and in their future school life.

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