Get Acquainted With Marriage Counseling By Visiting A Counselor Who Offers A Free Session

If you're curious about marriage counseling but also feel a little uncertain about taking the plunge, one of the best things that you can do is to look for a marriage counselor who offers a free introductory session for new clients. Many therapists offer this type of promotion, perhaps giving 30 minutes of free therapy in the hopes that the client will see the value of couples counseling and book some subsequent sessions. Here are some things that you'll experience if you commit to attending this free session with your spouse or significant other.

An Understanding Of Talk Therapy

For those who haven't previously experienced marriage counseling or any form of talk therapy, your free introductory session can help you to understand how the process works. You may have seen dysfunctional scenes of marriage counseling in movies and sitcoms, but you'll quickly learn that real-life sessions aren't this way. Your therapist will talk to you both about your goals for this type of work, and then share some examples about how you can reach them together. Role playing, for example, can be a valuable tool that you'll use in your introductory session and in any subsequent sessions that you book.

A Chance To Discuss What Bothers You

Some people find that it's difficult to share things that bother them with their spouse. Perhaps your spouse will get mad at you or perhaps you can't help but say what you want to say in a manner that is hurtful. Whatever the case, you may shy away from talking about small or even large things that bother you. Your introductory marriage counseling session is a chance for each of you to share in a neutral, judgment-free environment. When you voice a concern, your therapist will even talk to you about how you deliver the statement to help maximize its impact but minimize its accusatory nature.

Tips To Employ At Home

Even though your marriage counselor will likely hope that you decide to book a paid session following your free introduction, he or she will provide even more value for you by giving you some ideas on how to improve your relationship at home. Part of your introductory session will likely be devoted to discussing various tips that you and your spouse can use to communicate better, diffuse difficult situations and, in general, grow closer together. Ideally, you'll see immense value in marriage counseling and wish to continue going with your spouse or significant other to help improve your relationship.