Getting Help For A Loved One With A Heroin Addiction

Were you heartbroken to discover that a close loved one has been suffering from an addiction to heroin? If you have tried to help your loved one overcome their addiction but have not had any success during the process, seeking professional assistance is important. It is common for heroin addicts to have a difficult time overcoming the addiction because withdrawals are too difficult to cope with. If you can get your loved one to agree to treatment by professionals, they can be given ibogaine to assist with withdrawals. Read More 

5 Benefits Of Participating In Group Therapy

Have you recently undergone some traumatic experiences as a group? For example, there is an accident on a teamwork road trip, and some team members pass away. There are many similar incidents where people undergo mentally disturbing experiences as a group, including terrorism, home invasions, war combat, etc. Group therapy has traditionally been used for issues such as substance abuse, divorce, and grief. But mental health professionals now recommend it for any group of people who have suffered mentally disturbing experiences together. Read More