Overcoming Porn Addiction Online: What To Expect

Being addicted to pornography is an alarmingly growing disease: with free pornography at the fingertips of anyone who owns a computer with Internet access and the world-wide acceptance of the industry as a whole, anyone can become addicted. From pastors to young teenagers, pornography is often linked to a person's lack of sexual clarity or need to feel loved or feel adventurous. If you feel like you watch or participate in pornographic activities at the expense of work, family, and friends, or if you feel that you cannot have a typical relationship due to your preference for porn, you may be addicted. Read More 

Ways That A Forensic Psychiatrist Can Help When You Have Been Accused Of A Crime

Recent research has suggested that nearly 10,000 people a year are wrongly convicted of serious crimes and that a leading cause of that issue is the inaccuracy of eyewitnesses to the crime in question. In addition, in 2012 it was announced that in the preceding 23 years, there were more than 2000 false convictions courts that had been overturned. In the United States, each person is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty, but unfortunately that system has been known to occasionally fail innocent people. Read More